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We proudly announce that İpeker is the first V-labeled fabric producer in the world. The European Vegetarian Union certifies that İpeker’s 146 different fabrics correspond to the guidelines of the European Vegetarian Union. İpeker patented Vegan Textile Process (VTP) ensures no usage of animal products from raw materials to finished goods.

İpeker fibers, chemicals, dyestuff, and other solvents are specially selected for Vegan Textile Process. Combining speciality fibers like Cupro, Bamboo, Acrylic, and Recycled Premium Polyester, İpeker creates the best alternatives to silk with this new cruelty-free production technique.

Produced with the aim of zero carbon footprint, İpeker fabrics do not have any cross animal protein contamination to your skin.

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High Quality Fashion Fabrics to Brands All Over the World                                             

Innovative & Sustainable Vegan Home Textiles                                             

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Innovative & Sustainable Vegan Home Textiles

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09-12 JANUARY 2024

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9-11 JANUARY 2024

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17-18 JANUARY 2024

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23-25 JANUARY 2024

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06-08 FEBRUARY 2024


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02-04 JULY 2024

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Green factory!

Sustainable production for future generations

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Total positive impact of the Green Factory Program has result in the saving of 982,646 grown trees and reduction of 158,364 tonnes of CO2.

Purification Plant

All water used for production comes from the industrial zone’s purification plant. With the latest technology recycled membranes of the SCADA system, a full life cycle of water is created allowing us to give back to nature.

Zero Waste Production

İpeker aims zero waste production for all product groups. Waste resulting from process is either reused as raw material internally or it becomes other licensed textile companies’ inputs.

Clean Energy

All energy is generated from pure natural gas and renewable energy sources. İpeker does not use any charcoal.

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